A Call to Arms

A couple of nights ago I did a simple search on Google I just typed the words “fathers rights” and clicked the UK radio button, the results were astonishing just over one million pages! You can check out the same search by clicking here

At the top of this search was “Men do not win in court” after reading the story there I decided to e-mail the author to both comment on his story and to point him in the direction of my blog. Today I recieved a reply to my e-mail that really made me think. A few days ago the author had, had a meeting with an irate father who’s story was similar to my own, and it seems that his website recieves about 10 e-mails a week depicting similar stories, which indicates to me that “pre-judging” in the family court is probably something that takes part in the family court on a regular basis and is probably quite acceptable amongst the judiciary and other legal agencies.

Now the irate father mentioned above had what seems to be a very good and legitimate way of fighting back and in my opinion may well be a way of redressing the balance and giving the fathers who are unfairly treated by the family courts of the UK a way of hitting back and being heard. The idea is to rent or buy an off shore server, one which the UK has no jusrisdiction over and using it to put forward their stories, including pictures of the Judges concerned. Lets shame these people who are entrusted with upholding the law, who are entrusted with deciding what is in the best interests of “OUR CHILDREN” but who in reality don’t give a dam about our children and blatently ignore the 1989 children act in their pursuit of wealth and an easy life.

How long is it going to take the fathers of this country to realise that the only way that we are going to get any kind of redress from the courts is if we stand shoulder to shoulder and refuse to give up? We all know about Fathers4Justice and climbing cranes in tights etc I was a memebr myself for a few years, but decided to leave for reasons that are not important and wont be discussed here. F4J it has to be said did a great job for a while of bringing our plight to the attention of the public, but now it is up to the rest of us, we can’t expect others to fight our battles…….why should they?! One thing that I will say about my days as a member of F4J is that the reason it didn’t grow into the absolute monster that it should of done was because of the apathy of fathers, who couldn’t be bothered to get off their arses and attend meetings, sure F4J claimed tens of thousands of members, but the sad truth is that most of these “members” were in actual fact nothing more than armchair supporters. Whilst they agreed with what F4J were doing on their belhalf they were not willing to drag themselves away from their computers or TV’s and attend meetings or march for the sake of their children. Well now is their chance! They don’t have to go anywhere, they don’t have to climb a crane or throw a powder bomb at Tony Blair all they have to do is to be willing to write their story!!

C’mon guys lets stand together and declare war on the unjust system of family law in this country, lets fight for the rights and happiness of our children, our children are our future, when we are all dead and gone we will live on in them, give them a dad to be proud of in years to come, let them beable to say that their daddy loved them enough to go to war with the with the evil that is Family Law.

WE CAN DO THIS………………………..but only if we make a stand NOW and TOGETHER!!

Finally if you have a website or a blog that you would like to appear on my blogroll send me the addy and I will add you, If you dont then spread the word by telling people about this blog.

Let Battle Commence

Illegal Eagle. 


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