How free is our freedom of speech?

At the end of my previous post I said that i would be trawling the internet, in an attempt to find out more about the man who tragically took his own life in what must be one of the most horrendous and painful ways that a person could ever chose to die. To set yourself on fire!

How broken must this man have been, I can hardly begin to imagine the all consuming mental anguish that he must have felt, where was the help that this man so desperately needed? I would say that the state let him down in more than one way when they stole away his rights to see his own flesh and blood, to deny his daughter his love, and he her love. They stole his sanity, they took away his will to live. More than that they made his daughter a victim too, they stole her daddy, and her daddies love for her, something which can never be replaced. In my mind they also stole what could have potentialy been a huge part of that little girls life, a part of who she is, a part of who she may have become.

As I said previously I was going to try and find out more about this man and his untimely and horrific death. I found very, very little. I found only two pages on the net that may have been reffering to this man both of which were on the BBC news pages. I must stress that this is only speculation on my part as I do not know,  I have no names to work with only a time scale. Both very short reports can be read here and here. Why wasn’t this person named by the BBC? Ater finding this I turned my attention to searching Lancashires local papers on the net and found nothing at all…………….. not one word about a man who took his own life in such a horrendous way.

Did the court system also impose imedeate reporting restrictions on this mans death, take away his identity, in an attempt to hide what they had done to him? I am of the opinion that they did. They stole his child, his sanity, and ultimately his life…………………..and then they hid what they had done to him.


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