Contempt of Court

I read (somewhere) on the net today that by starting this blog and including some details about my case that I may well be in contempt of court…………………… great stuff!!! If the courts think that my blog is contemptuous, what will they think if I do as I have discussed with various friends, my idea to upload my evidence of “pre-judging” to my blog, and then on “family court” day in my town I leaflet the court with a small leaflet that simply reads something like “did District Judge N.G. Hickingbottom pre-judge may case you decide” and add the address of my blog complete with uploaded written evidence?

Oh my!! did I just mention a judge by name?? Well it could be off to the stocks with me then or clamped in irons and left to rot in a dark damp dungeon somewhere. Who knows maybe it’s not beyond the realms of possibility when one takes into consideration the antiquated way in which our system of family law is run, a system which believes that because traditionally a woman was better equiped to look after and care for a child a hundred years ago, the same must be true today!

In all seriousness though, if you have an opinion on anything that I write in this blog, please feel free to make a comment, no comments left will ever be edited or deleted. I’m not looking only for those that agree with what I say, but invite contrary views and perspectives, after all what is the point of a blog if it doesn’t promote free speech?


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