For Ellie

As there isn’t much happening on here I decided to use the space as a small tribute to my daughter Ellie on the anniversary of her death, which is tomorrow 3rd July. I’m in the process of designing a memorial website for her, although the site as yet is incomplete I had hoped to just get the home page live, but due to a few hosting problems this is probably not going to happen. The image below is the verse that will appear on Ellie’s memorial website. If by any miracle I manage to get the web hosted by tomorrow I will post a direct link to it here.



3 Responses to “For Ellie”

  1. Celia Conrad Says:

    Dear Kenny

    I was so very sad to read this post about the tragic death of your daughter Ellie. Your tribute to her on here is very moving. I shall be thinking of you on the anniversary of her death tomorrow.

    With every good wish

  2. Alessandro Says:

    This topic has been floating in my mind for a while now. At first, I wanted to focus on how people can express their grief when they have experienced the loss of a loved one. However, I realized expressing grief is not always the emotion a person is trying to release. When you think of the person who has passed on, you shouldn’t simply dwell on the present situation, but express and reminisce about the fond times you’ve had together as well.

    Now you can create an online memorial to do just that:

  3. lourdeshuber7205 Says:

    Well, I didn’t track yesterday (major carb overload) but I did track from Saturday until yesterday and got back on ‘track with tracking today.nS Click

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